Saturday, February 02, 2008

KASURI OR IKAT INSTRUCTIONS: Various methods of tying warp

In the next blogs I will be showing information and instructions about the various forms of dyeing and shifting warp for kasuri / ikat.

Tying instructions

Tied yarn ready for dyeing.

Yarn that has been tied

Yarn that has been dyed and untied.

Possible patterns for shifting.


jude said...

this is a great and focused blog. thank you.

shiborigirl said...

i made an indigo vat using prochem's synthetic indigo and having problems (i think) with the stock solution reducing but am working it out.

i am working on indigo dyeing silk / wool yarns shibori style for knitters- interested in creating ikat/kasuri-esque shibori yarns and discovering the patterns that can be created when knit into sculptural/ textural patterns/shapes.

i love your blog and it is both inspiring and teaching me.