Saturday, October 03, 2009


Kusaki-zome is Japanese for grass and tree dyes.

These are the various colors of kusaki-zome dyed on silk, kozo paper, wool fabric and yarn . These are some of the dye samples that I made in Japan.

I made a stencil and used rice paste as a resist to show the original fabric color. Some of the dye stuffs are pomegranite, lac, red cabbage, fustic, walnut, cochineal, peach leaves, logwood, and madder to name a few.

The samples show the different colors
that can be achieved using different mordants.

Kozo paper


Velma said...

so glad i stumbled on your blog. fine set of samples you've made, i'd love to se up close!

TeriPower said...

Have you ever painted with soy milk to bond drawing to fabric or paper?

Kit said...

Wonderful! I'm developing my skills in katazome with natural pigments and soy milk, and have just barely begun to learn some of the other natural dye techniques. I find your project an inspiration!

anastasia said...

your writings about kussaki-zome dyeing are incredible informative and i hope to get started with my own dyeing experiments. thank you very much for posting this all!