Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Kakebuton is a japanese comforter.  It is part of a futon set.  Shikibuton is the under futon or mattress. Kakebuton is covered by a cover that can be very decorative.  The older ones were usually dyed in indigo or pigments.  The images are usually auspicious ones: pine trees for long life, bamboo, cranes, ducks, butterflies, chrysanthemums, and various flowers.


Dee / Cloth Company said...

here is something synchronous! my sister just told me about this site, and I honestly can't remember the connection now (with someone who lives in Alaska?!) -- AND, I now see that you're listed on one of the blogs I've been frequently for quite some time now (tinctory)... I guess I shall read on, because the connection wants to be made!

Love the pictures of Japanese fabric...thank you for all the images.

Kit said...

These are just beautiful examples! Are these large in scale? Such beautiful color and design!