Friday, October 13, 2006


Katazome (stencil printing using rice paste resist) using indigo with Sabracron H fiber reactive dyes. Sabracron dyes are Cibracron dyes repackaged by Pro-Chemical and Dye (1.800.2-BUY-DYE). I have been using Sabracron F for about about 25 years.

Sabracron F is designed to permanently dye cellulose fibers; plant-based fibers like cotton, linen, ramie, hemp, viscose rayon, jute, paper, wood, basket reed, and even silk using warm water, 105° to 120° F (41° to 49° C). It also dyes protein fibers, wool and silk using acid at a boil or with steam. Slightly less reactive than Pro Mix Reactive Dyes and very versatile with excellent wash and light fastness properties. This dye can be used for immersion as well as direct dye application. Colors range from pastel to very vibrant colors. These dyes can be kept in solution (without fixative) for two weeks at room temperature