Wednesday, October 21, 2009


If you go to Ushimado to see Teresa's indigo dye you can eat at Tereya Cafe owned by Teresa and Hiroshi Kobayashi in Ushimado, Kurashiki, Japan.
Not only is this a popular coffee house but Teresa makes wonderful cakes, pies and food.

There are wonderful theme dinners, concerts and exhibitions at the cafe.

Full course meal in pumpkin created by a guest chef from Kakogawa. Live music by Natsukan, Okinawan jamisen and African drum duo.

Imamura san is a skilled Bosa Nova and Jazz guitarist who tours Japan all year long. This is the first time we have been able to schedule him.

Walnuts and maple syrup pie. Not too sweet and a crispy crust.

Someone ordered a birthday cake using Teresa's 'Depression Chocolate Cake' recipe for their grandfather with dietary restrictions. This is made with no butter, margarine or oil, no dairy and no eggs. What's in it? Everybody wants to know. Teresa uses whole wheat flour and beet sugar, good cocoa and mashed fruits. It really is delicious! It's a regular menu item and regular people order it all the time.