Monday, June 02, 2008


The children who made this itajime shibori are from the alternative "Spanish Immersion" elementary school: Puesta del Sol, King County, WA. They learn Spanish until the 2nd grade then some English. They have an "art appreciation" program whereby parents acting as art docents would volunteer in a classroom to bring art once a month. The origin is to introduce named artists (Picasso, Matisse, etc.) and their techniques into the classroom, but as an artist, I feel that it is process and ideas that guide us in finding our work. The internet age has made this project possible. Thanks to many of you who share your talents, knowledge, passion and time.

Thanks to the pleasure of working with a classroom of kids, I am discovering new techniques and processes that I would not have otherwise. After stumbling into Shibori, I realized the simplicity and complexity of dyeing and with a little time and internet tutorials... Voila! First we made paper folding with calligraphy paper that was dipped in colored inks. Then we were able to experiment by folding and paint dye on to the folded fabrics.

Huei Huang